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I am a professor of sociology and coordinate service-learning and social entrepreneurship work on my campus at Bryant University. This blog brings together academic and creative work.

Can an old dog teach new tricks? It remains a question whether someone who has taught successfully (as measured by student evaluations and peer assessments) at the undergraduate level can teach students of her/his own age. After all, a skilled … Continue reading

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Giving Until It Helps

There is a lot of good in the world. We focus too much focus on people and institutions that are behaving badly and on things that are not working, major failures and minor aggravations. Instead, we should be paying attention … Continue reading

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Your Prius is just not that into you

For many people, buying a new car is a culminating adventure. It reflects all the best we see in ourselves. Marketers want consumers to believe that cars are sexy. That is an amazing sales job. Really. What would make a … Continue reading

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The Woman Who Mistook Herself for Malcolm Gladwell

  Although one of the blessings of maturity is the loss of vanity, older women and men are not completely devoid of a certain level of care about their appearances. For some of us, not reaching for that bottle of … Continue reading

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How the dolphins brought Christianity to Scotland: Reflections on a wee trip

Travel, it is said, broadens the mind and enlarges the spirit. Travel, it must also be admitted, can confuse the best of us and disrupt our daily routines. I think it was Alain de Botton who celebrates Proust’s idea that … Continue reading

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Evidence in Support of Petition A-3456: Transfer from Bluebirds to the Squirrels

Prior to the May 1st deadline, I filed Petition A-3456, a form to be utilized for reappointments, transfers and readjustments. According to contractual language, evidence in support of petitions must be submitted within two weeks of the filing deadline. Ergo, … Continue reading

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The beauty of the aging brain

Source: The beauty of the aging brain

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