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Coffee, class and culture: Airport consumption patterns as a measure of globalization and status hierarchy

I am sitting on a tiny plane in seat 2A, a prime piece of real estate. I have just transferred from a red eye five hour fully sold out flight from Oakland where I also enjoyed an aisle seat. “Enjoyed” … Continue reading

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At the beach without my poet

The second morning walk You were on my mind. If you were here, we would toss out lovely names. Our words taking aim for the truth and the moment. I would say, “Look, how the tern folds and unfolds his … Continue reading

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The courage of children

My pretty enough mother was always worried that we, her children, would have large noses. She would point to her own and my father’s as examples of noses that were simply too big. It seemed, however, that with sufficient and … Continue reading

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Remarks for 2014 HerStory dinner: Four steps to living a life of purpose summarized in eight minutes

First, I am delighted to have the honor to speak to you this evening. Friends, faculty, staff, family members, our leaders, President and Mrs. Machtley. This dinner is one of my favorite events here on campus. I leave here feeling … Continue reading

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Are you there Fitbit? 2-10-2015

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Fifty shades of grey (hair)

I am just learning that some time in the last decade that I’d gone over to the other side. I don’t mean that I’ve had a near-death experience and glimpsed heaven. I mean that I now find myself on the … Continue reading

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Doggie diligence

My dog Rags died last week. He was old and feeble, blind, deaf, incontinent; his organs were failing. He had to put him down, and it was so sad. We had spent sixteen years together on long walks, running on … Continue reading

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