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This semester I am teaching a brand new course titled the Sociology of Innovation and Creativity. This course allows us to explore creativity and innovation–where it comes from, what kills the urge, what undermines creative confidence, what makes communities and times creative, whether creativity is in the domain of youth and disappears with age–all these issues and more.

I find these topics fascinating. We are looking at right-brain and left-brain thinking and I am increasingly convinced that your brain master may change over time. I have had a creative bent all through my life but my left-brain master has steered my ship. Until now, when the right-brain is much more in the front of the wagon, not only leading the way but wandering down lots of paths where I would have never ventured as a bold youth.

Far of this adventure is answer-directed but the other part is purely play, in seeing magic and wondering how the creator pulled this off.

This semester I participated in the Creativity Sketchbook Challenge. Every day for thirty days, 100 students, faculty and staff at Bryant University responded to a sketching challenge. This was a wonderful way to build and open up skills and considerations about telling stories we may have told in other ways. Using a variety of media, we took up pen and paper, colored pencils, cardboard cutoffs, brushes and paint and charcoal and experimented with building a creative practice. Although it would seem that the middle of an academic semester may be the perfectly worst time to do this, actually it was the ideal time to find time. It was easy to push all the senseless work and busy tasks to the edge to make space for this playtime.

Creativity Sketchbook


About professorenos

I am a professor of sociology and coordinate service-learning and social entrepreneurship work on my campus at Bryant University. This blog brings together academic and creative work.
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