Other paths for scholarship and outreach

Other paths for scholarship

In addition to publishing in edited collections, printed journals and other traditional forms, I have also used digital media, radio and other formats to present my research and public scholarship.

 Local history and placemaking

Since 2003, I have been researching the history of social and child welfare history in Rhode Island. Some of my work has been published in standard academic journals. Others reside on websites, either as a result of working with local agencies to compile their organizational histories, to discuss my ideas about the role of the public scholar, or to make this history more accessible to a wider public.

I Believe in the Opposite of Magic

This I Believe essay broadcast on RI Pubic Radio June 22nd 2009


Making history visible: Rhode Tour as history making

Comments to NEH visitors on Rhode Tour and public humanities


Rhode Tour: Orphanages, Asylums and Almshouses

Rhode Tour is a mobile application that provide online access to tours of Rhode Island focused on places or topics. This application is downloadable for iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

http://rhodetour.org/tours/show/1 – .U9qSSRZEDBc 

The Privilege of Caring: A Community’s Response to Needy Children

This document traces the 175 year history of Children’s Friend and Service using extensive agency files and records.


 Teaching with purpose and creativity

 Contributor to terrainfirma blog: Faculty Creative Fellows at Bryant University


 Four Steps to Living a Meaningful Life: Invited Remarks at Women’s History Dinner, March 30, 2014


Everything I knew about diversity Archway, June 2014



Corrections and criminal justice

Mass Incarceration: Triple Jeopardy for Women in a Color-Blind and Gender-Neutral Justice System. Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought



About professorenos

I am a professor of sociology and coordinate service-learning and social entrepreneurship work on my campus at Bryant University. This blog brings together academic and creative work.
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